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All facts in Report to the Governor are backed up by evidential documentation, Below is the list of these supporting documents, click on any title and the document will be retrieved in a new window.


  1. Linda


“Thousands of people spent millions of man-hours developing the Atlas. But not all of those hours were spent on space business— many were spent on funny business. People, being ordinary people, often had time on their hands. We Rickety Rocketeers at Cape Canaveral had lots of idle time between launches and we engaged in a lot of “Funny business.” Tom Leech has collected many stories of our mischief during those idle hours and provided them to you in this book. Read them and you will see that we were not all “Steely eyed rocket scientists.” — Leroy Gross, Head Rickety Rocketeer

“Fun on the Job brought back memories of life at the “Rocket Factory.” We raced towards building planes and the Space Age with serious intent, but not without truly amusing stories. This book is flavored with the dynamics of exciting times and, is a “missile with a payload” of great entertainment. Reading the anecdotes, one can almost feel the pulse of the aeronautical industry of those years. (I’m still smiling!)” — Kay Quijada, 4+ decades at multiple GD assignments

“I’ve been chuckling at these many fun stories Tom’s been sending us over several years. Seeing them tied to each decade makes a great read and stirs many more humorous tales from my own varied GD assignments and locations.” — Bobby Foushee, VP multi roles


From Ruth Leyse-Wallace, PhD. “Engaging and a good read. He lived it and knew the people and places first hand. This gives Leech, a storyteller with humor and contacts, the inside story of the aerospace industry. Collecting memories from San Diego to Cape Canaveral, from astronauts to engineers, from admirals to secretaries, Fun on the Job covers behind-the-scene incidents from this uniquely American industry. One short vignette after another reminds the reader that where there are men and women, there are foibles, jokes, successes and creativity. This collection will give a reader and appreciation for the human side of how America got to the moon.”


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